Get Fit Now

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A lighter, leaner you is closer than you think

Our Get Fit Now program is designed for people struggling with weight loss when diet and exercise are not enough, or simply not working for you. We offer customized plans and prescriptions to help you achieve the fit, healthy body you deserve.

Here’s how it Works

No burpees or harsh diets required!


Meet your dedicated medical professional via Telehealth


Receive your program plan and get your medication delivered to your home within a week


Uncover a healthier, leaner you

Your Get Fit Now journey to Weight Loss


Let the shredding begin

You’ll meet with your medical professional who will listen to your weight loss goals and create a care plan just for you. You’ll receive your Get Fit Now Program Plan immediately and your prescription will arrive at your home within a week.

Months 2-4

Getting fit is real!

Now you’re starting to see a positive change in the mirror and your energy levels. Congratulations - you’re on your way to living your best life! You’ll check back in with your dedicated medical professional to review your results and program adjustments based on your goals.

Month 5 & Beyond

Maintenance is bliss

You should now be getting close to your goal weight, and dang does it feel great! Once you’re there, it’s all about maintenance and enjoying the good life, and possibly a new wardrobe. You’ll check in with your medical professional every 90 days going forward to ensure you're staying on track and don’t need any adjustments to your program.

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Medically driven weight loss results
Increased energy
Better sleep
Improved mental health
Improved cardiovascular health

Here’s what’s included in the Get Fit Now program*

Monthly telehealth visits with a dedicated medical professional
Prescription medications
Diet plans
Fitness plans
Weight loss coaching
Dedicated program coordinator available to answer questions and guide you through your weight loss journey
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“...leaner and healthier, with more energy”

“The extra weight was really holding me back. I got help fast and am leaner and healthier, with more energy - and even my joints are feeling better.”


plans customized just for you

Starts at
/ mo

Baseline program fee. May adjust based on your customized program plan and prescription regimen.

Monthly telehealth visits with a dedicated medical professional
Customized program plan
Wellness coaching
Prescribed medications
Shipping & supplies
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Available Prescription Medications

All of our weight loss medications include GLP-1 agonists which stimulate insulin production, inhibit glucagon release, and slow down stomach emptying.  This results in curbing hunger by feeling full faster and longer. Available medications include, among other active ingredients: Semaglutide, Tirzepatide or Liraglutide.


It's time to lighten up